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We customize our Leveraged Change services to your needs. Here are just a few problems of practice we help solve:
  • Annual budgeting cycle. Make your annual budget cycle strategic, not tactical. SxD helps you connect your finance, HR and master scheduling decisions to better support teacher and student success.
  • Improved school master schedules. Go from scheduling based on precedent to student-driven scheduling. Design your master schedules to ensure your students will become the best they can be.
  • College and career access. Ensure course offerings and student experiences align to college and career demands. Create various pathways that tap into student strengths and interests and address needs.
  • Efficient resource use and operations. Ensure your resource use and operations are as efficient as possible. Don’t just survive budget cuts, use them to your advantage. Show your board and community that you are making the most from what you have.
School By Design Offerings
Work closely with SxD field experts to use audit results for customized program and school design:
Investigate smart and innovative ways to use your resources through scenario planning.
“Try on” different resource models that work for other districts—and adjust to fit your needs.
Create and implement school designs that your kids and teachers need and deserve.
The magic is leveraging all three. That’s where we work.
And we don’t decide for you. Our analytic insights and practitioner expertise helps you design your own solutions for your schools and students.
School by Design Offerings

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