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Customized insights into your resource use through lenses that matter:
School by Design - Optimize teaching and learning Optimizing Teaching and Learning
How are your resources supporting—or blocking—teaching and learning?
School by Design - Efficiency Efficiency
How efficient and effective are your use of resources?
School by Design - Equity and Access Equity and Access
Are your resources advancing equity and student access?
School by Design - Sample SxD Insight into Optimizing Teaching and Learning
Download a sample insight from the Skilled Interpretation Audit Report

Skilled Interpretation Process

The School by Design team is dedicated to your success. Through a refined process, we work together with you from the beginning to the ah-ha moment and beyond.

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School By Design Offerings

With SxD’s Skilled Interpretation Audit, gain access to:

  • Written insights and analytics into your current resource use.
  • Customized coaching and analytics support.
  • The SxD platform to explore your resource use and options throughout the year.
  • Project support and technical assistance as needed.

Here's a Peek

The Skilled Interpretation Audit provides a broad range of insights into your resources. Here are a few:

Optimizing Teaching
and Learning

School by Design - Optimize teaching and learning
  • The impact of teacher load on teaching and learning conditions.
  • The amount of actual time your teachers have to teach and your students have to learn.


School by Design - Efficiency
  • The impact of bell schedules on budget, class sizes and staffing.
  • The effect of your district allocation decisions on each school.

Equity and Access

School by Design - Equity and Access
  • How course offerings by school determine student opportunity to learn.
  • The variations in your staff pay and experience by school.
School by Design Offerings

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