SxD is smart analytics for smart leaders.

School By Design Offerings

With SxD, leaders resolve resource “pain points” that keep them up at night—whether it’s saving programs and staff during budget cuts or finding time for teachers.

Our platform provides leaders with quick, accurate answers to resource questions from boards and parents that normally take them weeks to address.

And SxD supports leaders in the design and launch of new, innovative programs with the resources they already have.

Leaders use SxD analytics to make resource decisions when needed, as needed, and to improve their annual resource planning cycle.

SxD offers different audits to fit your needs:


School By Design Offerings

Perfect for leaders who want to better understand their use of assets and explore options to optimize teaching and learning, improve efficiency, and support equity and access.


School By Design Offerings

Perfect for leaders who want deep, customized assistance from SxD field experts on their priorities — from solving difficult resource challenges to implementing new ways of schooling that better meet their student needs.

Watch as Shawn Bender, Former Principal of Atlanta Public Schools, uses the SxD Platform to interpret district data and answer the question:

How aligned are students’ courses to graduation and college entrance requirements?

“As a former Superintendent and Director of Research and Evaluation, I know that data in school systems can be overwhelming. The SxD platform makes school data user friendly and is incredibly valuable to superintendents and principals. It quickly helps you realize how to gain more time, save dollars and use your staff differently.”

Fran Rabinowitz - Executive Director, Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents

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