It’s time for a different approach.

Credit for seat time. 52-minute classes.
Over-reliance on skill and drill.

School as we have traditionally known it no longer works for developing creative problem solvers, innovators and critical thinkers, but what does?
About School by Design

The School by Design approach is based on 25 years of research and fieldwork with superintendents, principals, teachers, and education thought leaders on what really moves the needle for students.

Effective schools share common characteristics—a rigorous curriculum, engaging instruction, and a productive culture—but how these qualities surface from school to school varies widely. There is no “one-size-fits-all” model. No cure-all initiative that ensures success.

The real solution is to reimagine what you can do given the core resources you have — people, time, and money.

Our design thinking approach gives you the inputs you need—like deep data and rich aggregated analytics—to explore possibilities and make bold strategic decisions. Those decisions may be small steps like finding increased teacher collaboration time, or massive leaps like reimagining school to support flexible, personalized options. It’s up to you.

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What does working with SxD look like?

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