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School by Design helps districts see how schools are using time and people today, so they can make smart, instructionally-driven decisions tomorrow.

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More than 90% of the districts we work with find solutions within the resources they have.

What do your schools need? Innovative learning experiences for students? More time for teacher professional development? Learn how SxD helped districts and CMOs reach their goals:
18 days
Average annual increase in teacher professional development time in five districts...

Created within the regular school day, without increasing the budget, and while enhancing the student experience.
$1+ Million
Amount Lake County School District (FL) saved by standardizing bell schedules...

While finding at least 30 more minutes per day for instruction.
Percentage of seniors experiencing "college in high school"...

After the 11th/12th grade redesign at Central High School in Bridgeport Public Schools (CT).
Percentage of middle school students in Napa Valley Unified (CA)...

Who receive personalized academic supports in addition to core courses.

What is School by Design?

School by Design is a comprehensive resource design platform that allows you to see the current state of your school and to try on new ideas—risk-free.
School by Design - Audit


How are your schools using
time and people right now?

Our specialized resource audit allows you to see how money, staffing and time decisions impact teaching and learning.

We give you an aggregate view of teacher time, student time, equity, class size and more for each school in your district.
School by Design - Design


How can you reimagine your district
& schools within current constraints?

Our scenario planning tools let you visualize different ways your resources could be deployed to create a school experience that enriches students and supports your staff.
School by Design - Plan


Our strategic planning process helps you
achieve your vision, no matter how bold.

Want to pursue specific instructional priorities like increased teacher co-planning, or completely redesign your school to include flexible schedules and more personalized instruction?

What if you can’t solve your real problems because you can’t see them?

School by Design helps everyone—from district leaders to principals to teachers—make great decisions by easily visualizing possibilities and tradeoffs.
About School by Design


Chris Cerf – former NJ Commissioner of Education

Let School by Design help you unlock the power of your schools.

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